Some Bro Redesigned All 30 NHL Team Jerseys And These Are Straight Fire

Reebok’s jersey deal with the NHL will be ending during the 2017-2018 season, and that means over the course of the next several years we’re going to see an insane amount of speculation as to what the future of NHL jerseys will look like. As part of what he’s calling ‘Project Unity, NHL Redesign‘, Imgur user AnxiousOx redesigned all 30 NHL jerseys, and tried to keep as close to what he believed the NHL would like to see while still adding his own flair to the designs.

After scrolling through all 30 (which I’ve embedded from Imgur below), I have to say that some of these are straight fire. That Dallas Stars jersey is ON POINT, as is the New York Islanders (or do we call them the Brooklyn Islanders now?). My only gripe with these designs is that he current Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys are significantly better than these redesigns, whereas every other team in the league seems to have gotten an upgrade. My hunch is this bro is a fan of one of the NHL teams the Lightning beat on their way to the Stanley Cup Finals last year and he’s holding a grudge. Anyways, without further ado here’s all 30 NHL team redesigns. All the NHL teams and their corresponding jerseys are in alphabetical order:

I redesigned all 30 teams' jerseys. Check it out


Thoughts? How’d your team’s design shake out? If you want to provide any feedback you can drop a comment down below or you can click on over to Imgur and leave a comment for the designer!

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