All-American High School Baseball Player Karl Kauffmann Posts Amazing Signing Day Photo, Quotes Babe Ruth

by 3 years ago

Karl Kauffemann, a 6’2, 200lb All-American pitcher from Michigan, posted one of the greatest signing day photos you’ll ever see.

Just take a look at this getup: A straw hat with the Michigan logo on it, a navy blue blazer with no shirt underneath, and a freakin’ cigar. I don’t even know need a source to confirm there are already a sea of chicks lined up outside of this kid’s dorm room that doesn’t even exist yet.

The charismatic high school senior, who quite obviously signed with the Wolverines, has just set a new standard for all future signing days. He also quoted Babe Ruth, thanked his dad (along with all the people who helped get him there), and hashtagged The Sandlot. The versaility on display here is rather obscene.

All the young pitcher has to do now is live up to the photo. But whatever this Casey Affleck lookalike ends up doing, let’s hope he doesn’t google “Jimmy Clausen signing day.” Though I must say, Kaufmann comes off as a complete natural. Clausen was so forced it was painful to watch.

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