America’s Greatest Reporter Travels To San Quentin Prison To Play Baseball With Murderers…Using Aluminum Bats

Charlie LeDuff is America’s greatest reporter, and it’s not even close. In the past I’ve shared segments from the FOX Detroit reporter on the reg. Most recently it was a piece on how he kicked a ‘house squatter’ out of a home they’d ruthlessly stolen from the rightful owner, and were refusing to vacate. That house squatter was stubborn, but as I said before: Charlie LeDuff is America’s greatest reporter. So naturally he kicked over a few rocks and found that this person was in violation of their parole, and sent them back to wherever it was they needed to go.

Today we’ve got a segment from ‘Opening Day’ at San Quentin State Prison in San Francisco, one of the most ruthless prisons in the United States. San Quentin is a maximum security prison located on San Francisco Bay, and has been home to infamous criminals (as well as musicians and actors) including Charles Manson, Merle Haggard, and Danny Trejo. But it’s also home to the San Quentin Baseball League, where 98% of inmates who participate in the game never return to prison after being released back into the world. It’s a therapeutic program designed to give back the inmates the social skills they need to survive once they’ve left prison.

So Charlie LeDuff flew on over to San Fran to spend a day playing ball with the inmates, taking in Opening Day from inside the prison’s walls. He toured their living conditions, he was shocked by the fact that they give the inmates at maximum security prison aluminum bats to use, but most of all he just talked with the inmates. And it’s a pretty fascinating watch for those of you that are either a) baseball fans, b) interested by the U.S. Prison System, or c) both.

Some things I learned about Charlie LeDuff from this piece on San Quentin’s Baseball League include the fact that Charlie’s a leftie, but also that he’s capable of making a helluva baseball play when he needs to:

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