This Andre Agassi TikTok About Attention To Detail Will Melt Your Mind

This Andre Agassi TikTok About Attention To Detail Will Melt Your Mind

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Andre Agassi is one of the greatest men’s tennis players of all time. The American captivated audiences throughout the late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

His rivalry with fellow American great Pete Sampras was one of the best rivalries in all sports. The two players met 34 times and combined for 22 grand slam titles in their career.

Agassi was undersized for a pro tennis player. But, he used his incredible athleticism, great instincts, and precision to win matches and become world #1.

But, he was also an extremely intelligent player. He could read the game and scout his opponents as well as anyone, and he knew the right times to attack and defend.

Those skills are so important when playing against serves in the 90s that were hitting 130 mph an hour. You better have a clue where servers were going to serve, otherwise you’d be in deep trouble.

But, there was on player that he had completely figured out. That would German legend Boris Becker. The six-time grand slam champion won Wimbledon at a remarkable age of 18, and is certainly an all-time great. But, Agassi had him figured out using the smallest detail about Becker’s serve to tip him off. Watch this Tiktok, and have your mind blown.

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That is, quite frankly, nuts. When returning serve, you’re roughly 90 feet away from the server. To be able to not only see the tongue, but to establish a pattern based on its position, is some savant-level thinking.

But, that’s why Agassi is one of the greats.

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