Andre Iguodala Had A Shitty Uber Driver, So He Pulled Some Sweet Revenge


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We’ve all been there before, bros. When you’re waiting in the pouring rain outside of a bar and just want to get you and the random chick you picked up over some tequila back to your house to do the dirty, but the fucking Uber driver can’t seem to find the quickest way to your pin.

Once entering the car, there’s always some sort of snarky remark from the driver about how you weren’t where the pin said you were, causing you to be a little frustrated and wondering if there’s a way to get the person back without being too mean.

While you might think about giving the driver a bad rating at the end of the trip, there’s always a quick way to leave your mark—and it involves lifting your leg up and letting something “accidentally” slip out of your ass.

Sure, that’s gross, but for the Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodala, he had ZERO shame doing it during a recent Uber trip that he said was a bad experience, stinking up the car with a fucking fart!

I mean, you can’t blame the guy, can you? It has all crossed our minds before, so good for Iggy to be bold enough to do it. Plus, the company reached out and apologized to him, so that makes it almost acceptable!

Iguodala might be a champion on the court, but he’s a champion in car-sharing after this move, too!

[H/T SB Nation]