This NBA Player Lost 22-Pounds When He Stopped Eating Sugar After Seeing A Documentary

By completely eliminating sugar from his diet, Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut has dropped a ton of weight this off-season. Twenty-two pounds and still counting! The results of simply readjusting his diet to be sugar-free while maintaining the same summer training regiment he’s always used.

For the 7-foot tall 30-year-old, dropping a few extra lbs. has allowed him to feel more fit than ever, which hopefully translates to a new lease on a playing career that has witnessed its fair share of injuries.

Bogut made the radical diet change after seeing a documentary that addressed the serious sugar epidemic in our society, and the toll it can have on your health.

Monte Pool covered the weight loss plight of the NBA big man for CSN Bay Area:

Most of the credit, according to Bogut, should go to Is Sugar the New Fat?, a documentary he watched on Australian TV in August. Bogut was stunned to discover how the low-fat revolution in the ’80s and ’90s resulted in food manufacturers replacing fat with sugar.

“I changed my diet a little bit,” he said. “It’s really worked wonders for me.

“I watched that documentary,” Bogut added. “It’s unbelievable, man. (Sugar) is in absolutely everything. I have a couple friends that are label readers. I used to give them so much (crap), telling them, ‘Man, just eat it. Stop reading the label.’ And now I’m one of those guys.”

Fat is fine, but gone are the processed sugars, also known as bad carbs. Bogut’s physique is flatter, his face more angled. His weight, previously around 275, has dropped into the low 250s.

Bogut’s commitment to the feat is pretty incredible, considering sugar is in pretty much EVERYTHING these days. You have to be really actively committed to avoiding it with every meal, and I’m sure that is not an easy thing to do especially if you’re a fan of dining out. I don’t know if I could do it *puts sugar in coffee*. Shit.

But if the center’s weight loss is any testament, it’s surely worth it. From simply cutting one thing out of your diet, science says the health benefits are innumerable.

For your curiosity, here’s the trailer for the documentary that first inspired Andrew Bogut. Hopefully it inspires you too, because I know I’m sure as hell going to give this a shot and probably be instantly miserable with my decision.

We’ll see if Bogut’s new frame allows him to play more agile and stay healthy as the Golden State Warriors look to defend their title this coming NBA season. But, something tells me the way his teammates are praising him, it sure will.

“He does some stuff that you don’t expect from a guy that size,” [Steph] Curry said. “His skill level is so high. When he’s able to move and be agile . . . it’s fun to watch.”

[via CSN Bay Area, h/t CBS Sports]