Andrew Wiggins Is Mister Fantastic…Or So He Once Said

Just completing his first season in the NBA after being selected No. 1 overall in the 2014 draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers—then being traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves—Andrew Wiggins sure did have a couple of years to remember.

Once dubbed as the “Next LeBron James” while still a prep star in Canada, Wiggins took his talents to the Kansas Jayhawks for a season, where he had some good moments, but didn’t dominate as many thought he would, leaving many to wonder if he had the guile to become a superstar once he entered the Association.



He silenced any doubts by winning Rookie of the Year, but, was he really worthy of nicknames such as “Maple Jordan” or “Junior Jordan”?

That’s a little bit debatable.

One moniker that might be a worthy candidate to keep is this “Mr. Fantastic” thing that a 10-year-old Wiggins used to describe himself in 2005, showing that he, in fact, does have the swagger necessary of a superstar after all.

Of course, he has grown-up since then—now a much more mature 20 years old—but, I don’t know, I think being named after a superhero with insane powers looks good on him, so why not bring this shit back and make it be known that he’s the master of physically humiliating cats on the hardwood.