Andy Reid Lists His 3 Keys To Life And His Response Is Incredibly On Brand

Andy Reid

Getty Image / Rob Carr

We’re officially in the middle of media week as the Super Bowl is right around the corner. Now is the time players and coaches are asked questions about everything.

The questions range from serious to quirky to just flat-out cringe-worthy. Andy Reid proves to stay on brand after being asked one question.

During the media week, the Kansas City Chiefs head coach was asked “what are your three keys to life?” Andy Reid responded just how you think he would.

“Rock the Tommy Bahama, eat some cheeseburgers, and be happy.” I don’t know about you but Reid may have found the answer to the purpose of life.

Has anyone worn a Tommy Bahama shirt ever been made while wearing it? The Chiefs’ head coach is always so laid back.

And you can’t go wrong with a good cheeseburger. I’d be in an insanely good mood if I’m eating a burger while wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt. Just saying.

Then simply put, be happy. That’s really easy to do when you’re doing the previous two things on Andy Reid’s list.

And if you’re looking for true happiness then maybe try Reid’s way of living.

If you don’t eat meat, then don’t worry. Go get a beyond burger and call it a day. Just try not to get the BK Whopper song stuck in your head.

Now, excuse me while I go purchase a Tommy Bahama shirt and find some cheeseburgers.