Andy Ruiz Rips Into Ryan Garcia For ‘Giving Up’ Against Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia

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Andy Ruiz wasn’t happy with what he saw from Ryan Garcia in his fight vs Gervonta Davis.

On Saturday night, Garcia lost for the first time in his career after receiving a brutal body shot from Davis.

Garcia took a knee after the shot at refused to get up and continue.

In an Instagram story, Ruiz ripped into Garcia for “giving up” in his fight against Davis.

I was going for Ryan, but he gave up, man. I feel like he gave up. I feel like he should’ve did what he had to do to win the fight. When we get down, we’ve got to get back up, man. We’ve got to ask God fo that victory. I feel like that’s what he should’ve done, I still feel Ryan should’ve did more, man. He should’ve risked his life more”

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