Overzealous Angels Bro Destroys Old Woman’s Shoulder While Diving for a Foul Ball

by 6 years ago


OK, there is something seriously wrong with the fans of America. Never can I remember such foul-ball foolery. People are embarrassing themselves on a nightly basis — and all in the pursuit of $12 baseballs.

We already showed you the Cleveland Indians fan who tried to eat a long toss. But that’s nothing compared to the move this Los Angeles Angels fan pulled last night.

Watch as he obliterates a nice old lady while making a leaping grab. He comes up overjoyed while she writhes in pain and cries out to God about her shoulder pain.

To be fair, she does look like a Grandma I’d Like to Fracture.

Here’s hoping her injuries aren’t too severe and the big fella enjoys his baseball.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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