NFL Social Media Personality Annie Agar Just Improved Golf Tremendously

Annie Agar

Getty Image / Greg Doherty

If you’re on the NFL Social Media, you know all about Annie Agar. The blonde 27-year-old is full of hilarious skits and quips about the league.

She’s up to 429k followers on Twitter, 621k on TikTok and over 200k on Instagram. Her most famous skits are satirical skits like these that use fake meetings of all the NFL teams with the league office as the ongoing backdrop.

But, in the offseason, Annie Agar gets into content from other sports, like golf. After all, it’s the best way to spend the Summer.

We all enjoy drinking a couple of beverages while playing (not well) on a nice Summer day on our local track. But, she’s come up with a way to make golf much better.


am i not onto something here

♬ original sound – Annie Agar

We all know about the beer cart girl that is stationed on certain holes, or at some courses will drive around the course. But, Annie Agar has a point here. Why shouldn’t we be able to just rent the beer cart girl for an entire round? Yeah, it would be pricey. But, it would be incredibly convenient, as well.

Garrett Carr
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