Anonymous NFL Scout Bashes UCLA QB Josh Rosen For ‘Speaking Out Against The System’ And Wanting To Live Luxurious Lifestyle

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The college football season is over so now it’s time for the anonymous scouts to shine as the top college prospects get ready for the the draft in June. Yesterday, the Sporting News spoke to an anonymous scout who had some scorching hot takes on UCLA QB Josh Rosen.

The Sporting News

It’s not about what Rosen has said about college athletes deserving to be paid, players sitting out bowl games or his statements about preferring to play for a top franchise; it’s the fact he’s always the person questioning the system. There’s a reason most quarterbacks speak in cheesy cliches and never let on too much. It’s a quarterback’s job to be as non-divisive and football-focused as possible.

According to sources who have spoken with people close to Rosen, he has been focused since high school on using football to make money and support the type of lifestyle he wants. He’s OK with challenging the system and being a mouthpiece for divisiveness because he appreciates the attention it draws.

His talent might overrule his non-football concerns, and he’ll likely still be highly valued, but NFL teams will certainly care about this. They don’t want another Robert Griffin III-type personality. Two teams to watch in a possible Rosen trade-up are the Bills and Chargers.

So how many top elite prospects don’t want to get paid millions of dollars to play a game? Just more ridiculous anonymous sources hating on kids before they become millionaires.

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