Anthony Richardson Nails His Marshawn Lynch Impression During Media Presser

Anthony Richardson

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

The Indianapolis Colts have had an exciting offseason after acquiring rookie prospect Anthony Richardson to be their quarterback of the future.

He has all of the potential in the world and apparently has a great sense of humor as well.

During a presser with the media following a practice, he was asked a question about what it was like adjusting to the professional level.

However, Anthony Richardson threw a curveball by responding with a perfect Marshawn Lynch impression. Hear what he had to say for yourself in the clip below.

Clearly, Richardson is in high spirits, as he’s already comfortable talking with the NFL media.

Additionally, who can forget the time Lynch said those exact words during an entire interview before the Super Bowl?

For your entertainment, here is Marshawn Lynch’s full interview back in 2015.

For Colts fans, it must be nice seeing their rookie quarterback cracking jokes and getting comfortable with living in the NFL.

Potential is sky high for this kid, so having a place where he can be comfortable to learn and develop is essential for his career.

In the meantime, it’s June. So why not have some fun before things start getting more serious in a couple of months?

Besides, Anthony Richardson nailed that Marshawn Lynch impression. If he ca turn that comedic timing into efficient passing, then the Colts could have a superstar on their hands.

Overall, it’s fun season for NFL players right now. Especially for rookies who are adjusting to live at the professional level.