Quarterback Breaks Vertical Jump Record During Monster Day At NFL Combine

Anthony Richardson at the NFL Combine

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

Coming into this week’s NFL Combine, football fans pretty much knew what to expect from this year’s quarterback prospects.

It was going to be confirmed that Bryce Young is very small.

Will Levis was going to show off his huge arm.

Anthony Richardson was going to put his ridiculous athleticism on display.

So far, everything at the combine has gone according to that script.

Levis showed off the arm today. Young measured just over 5’10” and weighed in at 204 pounds.

Now Anthony Richardson has had his chance to show off his strengths and he made the most of it.

Richardson broke the vertical jump record for quarterbacks at the NFL Combine with a ridiculous 40.5″ vertical.

Richardson wasn’t don’t there. He also ran a 4.44 second 40-yard dash toady.

It’s an incredible showing from Richardson and is the reason why there has been growing buzz about where Richardson could end up being drafted in this year’s quarterback class.

There are some who believe he could actually end up being the 1st QB selected and a standout performance like this at the combine will certainly help his chances.

The big things for Richardson wherever he is drafted are going to be that he will need to develop as a passer and he’ll need a team that will shape their offense around him.

Richardson’s size and athleticism will make him tough for defenses to deal with as a runner. we’ve seen the Ravens and Eagles have success with running quarterbacks (although Hurts and Jackson were both better college passers than Richardson) and the Bills have benefited from Josh Allen’s running ability.

Now fans will just have to wait and see which team it is that believes they can make the most of Richardson’s skillset.