Anthony Rizzo Screaming At Freddie Freeman During A Pickle Rundown Is An All-Time Mic’d Up Moment

anthony rizzo freddie freeman pickle rundown

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The pickle rundown is one of the most exciting plays in all of baseball. Very rarely do you see the runner get out of a pickle, but it’s always entertaining to see a baserunner try to fool the infielders and the infielders going back and forth covering bases for one another. Add a mic’d up player to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for a truly all-time great moment, and that’s exactly what Anthony Rizzo gave the baseball world on Sunday night.

Rizzo and the Cubs caught Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman in a rundown and as the play went back-and-forth, Rizzo got his chance to run down Freeman and let him know that he was coming by screaming ‘Frederick! Frederick!’ before tossing the ball to Javier Baez who made the tag. The Braves may have blown out the Cubs 13-4, but Rizzo was having a good time out there nonetheless.

It’s worth noting that Rizzo is a first baseman and got in on the action covering third base in the rundown showing yet again the beauty of the pickle.

Few people have more fun on the diamond than Rizzo, the dude is just constantly smiling and looks like a giant kid out there. It’s nice to see him having fun out there this season especially as he’s set to become a free agent next year after contract talks have reportedly broken down between the two sides in regards to an extension.