Reports Indicate Antonio Brown Could Be Suspended For The Entire 2020 Season

patriots not resigning antonio brown

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Given his recent behavior on social media, it can be easy to forget that former All Pro wide receiver and current “rapper” Antonio Brown has yet to be officially suspended by the National Football League.

Following Brown’s brief stint with the Patriots that saw the former Pro Bowler get cut after just two weeks with the defending Super Bowl champions, the outspoken and mercurial wideout has been without a job in the NFL, largely due to his own behavior.

From allegations of rape to his burgeoning “rap” career to his bizarre social media habits, Brown has remained unsigned since September without having been officially suspended, which certainly says a lot about what teams in the NFL currently think of him.

And if Brown struggled to find a new team without being suspended, one can only imagine how difficult it will be for AB to get back into the league once he is actually suspended.

According to reports from NFL writer Mike Freeman, sources have told him that Brown’s impending suspension could last anywhere from six games to an entire season.

If Brown were to be suspended for the entirety of the 2020 NFL season, by the time he would be allowed to return to the league, he will be 33-years-old and will have been out of football for two full years.

While it wasn’t looking likely before, it certainly looks more likely now than ever that we’ll never see Antonio Brown suit up in the National Football League again.


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