Antonio Brown Uses Awesomely Bad ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Photoshop To Wish Derek Carr A Happy Birthday

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Antonio Brown seems to have a pretty big man crush on his new Oakland Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr. Obviously, as a wide receiver, if Brown’s going to show adoration for one guy on the team, it’d be the guy whose sole responsibility is to throw the ball to him, so AB’s doing something right here.

To show just how much he loves his new signal-caller, Antonio Brown went above and beyond the call of duty today, wishing Carr a happy birthday in a pretty unique way β€” by using the classic picture from White Men Can’t Jump of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. That’s cool and all, but the result was something that was pretty awful, so take a look at the image that Antonio Brown tweeted out.

I don’t know why, but Derek Carr looks like a video game character from the video game WWE Raw on Playstation One back in 1998. Needless to say, it wasn’t Antonio Brown’s finest photoshopping job. But, hey, Carr appreciated the love from AB, replying with some laughter emojis after seeing the birthday message. That led to the two having a little fun back-and-forth on Twitter, so they appear to be getting along much better than Brown and his former QB, Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh, who the wideout has thrown under the bus since being traded by the Steelers.

It’s the offseason, Antonio Brown just got hella paid and, as of right now, Derek Carr is the All-Pro receiver’s best friend in the world. Lest we forget Brown also posted a video of the two at the Pro Bowl from a couple years ago with the message, “Love at first sight,” so he’s really trying hard to prove he’s a fan.

For now, it’s good to see that Antonio Brown’s playing nice and having some fun with his new teammates. That may all change come September when the wide receiver realizes he’s on a crappy Raiders team hoping to win five games instead of on a Steelers team with a future Hall of Fame quarterback who routinely compete for division titles. But that’s just something to worry about (expect) down the road.

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