Raiders Have No Timetable For Antonio Brown’s Return After He Reportedly Suffered ‘Extreme Frostbite’ Due To Not Wearing Proper Footwear In Cryotherapy Machine

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Antonio Brown has been unable to practice with the Oakland Raiders since the start of the team’s training camp because he’s dealing with a pretty extreme foot injury.

Brown showed off his injured feet on Instagram to let everyone know what he’s dealing with.

According to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, Brown is suffering from “extreme frostbite” due to not wearing proper footwear in cryotherapy chamber.


Oakland Raiders star receiver Antonio Brown’s mysterious foot injury is the result of extreme frostbite caused by a cryotherapy machine, a source confirmed to ESPN on Wednesday.

Brown was not wearing appropriate footwear when he entered the cryotherapy chamber last month in France and burned his feet, leaving them frostbitten, according to the source.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio on Wednesday that Brown was “still collecting information” on the injury, and that the team would know more in the next few days.

The Raiders apparently have no idea when Brown could return.