Antonio Brown Bizarrely Jokes About ‘Exposing The D’ After Exposing Himself To Woman In Video

Antonio Brown is joking about his incident in Dubai, and fans are once again wondering what’s wrong with him.

On Saturday, the NY Post released a video showing Brown exposing himself to a woman in a pool in a video taken in Dubai.

Via NY Post

Embattled All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown was caught on video shoving his bare buttocks into the face of a stunned woman in a outdoor swimming pool at a swanky Dubai hotel – and then lifting his manhood out of the water and whipping it in her direction, as wide-eyed vacationers watched in shock.

Video footage obtained by The Post of the May 14 incident at the Armani Hotel Dubai shows Brown, 34, way too close for comfort to the woman, who initially laughed off the attention but quickly swam away to escape the controversial gridiron great.

Eyewitnesses said Brown — whose previous off-the-field antics have gotten him into hot water with the league and the law and who remains an NFL free agent after bizarrely quitting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of a game last season — had just met the woman and she was fuming after the encounter.

Brown responded to the video by blaming the NFL for setting him up.

AB has now joked about “exposing the D” even though many believe he sexually harassed the woman in the video.

The joke didn’t go over very well on social media.

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