Antonio Brown Talks About His New Chain, Tom Brady Always Winning, And The ‘Madden 19’ Cover

Antonio Brown

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Antonio Brown was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, a night after the ESPY awards. He brought along two of his five kids to sit next to him in the chair but that quickly devolved into the young kids wrestling around on the ground while the adults did some chatting.

Jimmy asked Antonio Brown when he first found out he was going to be on the cover of Madden 19, they discussed how Brown’s dad leaked the cover and what the blowback was from Madden. They also talked about how Jimmy bet $1,000 on Antonio to win Dancing With The Stars and how Tom Brady wins everything, all the time, always. Antonio doesn’t go too into depth on any of the topics but it was funny to see him talk about his dad stealing the thunder, and how the value of his new chain is top secret:

Having watched a decent amount of interviews with Antonio Brown in the past I was actually surprised by how reserved he was with Jimmy, a guy who can get anyone to talk about anything. It seemed like Antonio was tired, or nervous, or both. But he didn’t really bite and