Antonio Brown Tried To Lie To The NFL About His Fake Vaccine Card During Their Investigation But Got Busted Because He’s A Terrible Liar

Antonio Brown

  • Earlier this week Antonio Brown, Mike Edwards, and John Franklin III were suspended by the NFL for “misrepresenting their vaccination status”
  • According to a report, Brown got caught lying by the NFL when his story unraveled after he told them that he drove 80 miles to get vaccinated
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Antonio Brown tried to get away with lying about his fake vaccine card, but his story unraveled quickly because he’s an absolutely terrible liar.

Earlier this week, the NFL announced they were suspending Brown, his teammate Mike Edwards and free-agent wide receiver John Franklin III for misrepresenting their vaccination status.

After his personal chef accused him of obtaining a fake vaccination card, Brown reportedly told the NFL that he drove 80 miles to Citrus County to get vaccinated without any of his teammates present. The NFL noticed Brown was lying when they found out the vaccination cards belonging to Edwards, and Franklin said all three players were vaccinated on the same day and at the same location.

Via Tampa Bay Times

What ultimately tripped up Brown was that the card said he was vaccinated in Citrus County, 80 miles north of Tampa. The Bucs offered players convenient access to vaccines at their facility to comply with strict league protocols.

Brown told investigators he traveled an hour and a half to Citrus County without teammates so he would not be recognized. But when the league discovered that vaccination cards belonging to Edwards and Franklin were distributed in Citrus on the same day, their stories unraveled, the league official said.

None of the players had personal ties to Citrus County, and the likelihood that they would have been vaccinated there independently on the same day was remote.

Brown is lucky that he only got a three-game suspension considering he straight up lied to the NFL about his fake vaccine card.

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