Antonio Brown Has Lots To Say About His Mental Heath In New Interview With Nate Burleson

  • Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown was a guest on ‘CBS Mornings’ where he discussed mental health, problems with the Bucs, and more
  • The interview will air in two parts and split across Thursday and Friday but they’ve shared some details so far
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Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown will appear in his first major network interview since abandoning the team mid-game. Antonio is speaking with former NFL WR and current CBS Mornings co-host Nate Burleson about the truth surrounding his departure from Tampa Bay.

Millions watched Antonio Brown’s first interview after leaving the Bucs when he talked about ‘kumbaya’ for what felt like six hours. This will be different. In the teaser clip, we see that Antonio Brown is discussing his mental health, therapy or lack thereof, and how the perception of the team being a ‘family’ is all wrong.

Here’s a clip ahead of the full Antonio Brown interview that’s set to air on Thursday and Friday along with some quotes from Greg Auman.

Antonio Brown’s Most Illuminating Quotes From His New Interview On ‘CBS Mornings’

Antonio Brown touts his high IQ as the underlying reason for constant discussion about his mental health. You know what they say about people who brag about their IQ, don’t you? I don’t, I thought maybe you did. But I’ve heard they usually took IQ tests on random ads on websites and actually have no clue what their real IQ is…

First Reactions To New Antonio Brown Interview With Nate Burleson

Antonio Brown is in the Antonio Brown business and business is not booming like it once was. He’s getting older but can still physically compete in the NFL, for now. He’ll almost certainly get another shot from a team next season but we’re certainly seeing a pattern at this point.