Antonio Brown Is Charging $500 For Personalized Videos And Based On This Example They’re Not Great

Antonio Brown Charging $500 For Personalized Video Messages On Cameo

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Antonio Brown may be in no hurry to play football, saying he will only play by “his rules,” but he’s still keeping busy.

PLUS, who needs football money when you can charge $500 making a half-assed personalized video message for someone with obviously way too much money?

Remember that service we told you about last August called Cameo? The one used by Brett Favre and numerous other celebrities like Bella Thorne, Michael Vick, and Terrell Owens? Yeah, that’s the same one Antonio Brown is using.

Here was the sales pitch for Favre (who is also charging $500 per video)…

It’s time to take out that Cheese Hat, throw on a Packers jersey, and start squealing in joy into your phone ’cause Brett Favre has joined Cameo! The 11-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champ, and best dad-jean wearer in the world has officially gone from sliding into the end zone, to sliding into your inbox with a personalized shoutout for you or your best friends.

Do yourself a Favre-or and book him now to trash talk your fantasy league, send your distant cousin a congrats on a new football-sized baby, or start your Monday morning meeting with one of the GOATs. Trust us, a Brett Favre Cameo is great ‘4’ any occasion!

Hopefully, Favre’s messages were better than Brown’s. And by better, I mean actually saying the correct message. Watch…

20 seconds… doesn’t even get the occassion right… $500. Seems like a deal to me.

Brown does know that he can do more than one take, right?

Heck, I can get 14 personalized messages from Tyler Lockett for that price.

Some other people we can get personalized messages from for far less than Brown include…

Darren Rovell – $39
Rebecca Black – $40
Brooke Hogan – $50
John Salley – $50
Buster Douglas – $55
RiFF RAFF – $75
Andy Dick – $99
Brian Scalabrine – $99
Ryan Lochte – $100
RG3 – $100
Corey Feldman – $122
Chuck Liddell – $125
Melissa Joan Hart – $150
Flavor Flav – $150
Katie Couric – $200
Joe Mixon – $200
Snooki – $300
Lamar Jackson – $350

and, of course… Jose Canseco – $150.