Antonio Brown Sued By Celebrity Jeweler For Allegedly Not Paying $1.1M He Owed

Antonio Brown wearing diamond Shuki International finger

Getty Image / Barry Brecheisen / WireImage

Former NFL wide receiver and current President of Donda Sports, Antonio Brown, has been sued by celebrity jeweler Shuki International for allegedly not paying for $1.1 million worth of jewelry he took ownership of.

According to an exclusive from TMZ, Antonio Brown received “several pieces of jewelry back in 2022, under the promise that AB would pay him $1,095,000 for it all.”

Among those pieces were two Shuki International ‘diamond fingers’. They are finger sleeves made of rose gold and black diamonds, with each piece costing $500,000. Brown can be seen wearing one of the diamond finger sleeves in the image at the top of this article.

Antonio also reportedly received a white gold chain and a ring, totaling $1.1 million worth of jewelry. TMZ reportedly spoke with a lawyer for Shuki International, Steven H. Stone, who says details of the suit will be made public this week.

If the name ‘Shuki’ sounds familiar but you aren’t up on your celebrity jeweler news, this might be why… Brown has a song titled ‘Shuki Diamonds’ named in honor of the diamond fingers he allegedly still has yet to pay for:

On his Instagram, Shuki posted images of the two diamond fingers that he claims Antonio Brown has not paid for.

Coincidentally, TMZ says they ran into Shuki International on the street about a year ago and he talked about the diamond fingers and AB hitting his Ferrari:

Shuki has made jewelry for the most famous athletes on earth. In addition to Antonio Brown, he’s made pieces for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and he’s even appeared on stage at performances with Antonio Brown in the past.

These are what the normal Shuki Diamond Fingers look like:

As pointed out on TMZ, Antonio Brown has not yet commented on the lawsuit. His latest tweet just reads ‘I’m kinda stylish.’

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