Antonio Brown Goes Viral After Teasing He Wants To Replace Shannon Sharpe On ‘Undisputed’

Antonio Brown

Getty Image / Prince Williams / Wireimage

Undisputed is officially making some changes after it was announced Shannon Sharpe is departing from the show.

While many wonder what’s next in store for both Sharpe and Skip Bayless, it appears Antonio Brown may have an answer.

Not long after the announcement was made, Brown took to Twitter to share his reaction. However, what he had to say got sports fans buzzing.

Antonio Brown teased the idea of potentially replacing Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed. It’s probably a joke, but it got sports fans talking regardless.

The show was basically a yelling match between Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. But now Bayless is left without a co-host. So, is Antonio Brown the right guy for the job?

He’d probably reel in a ton of views for the network. But the thought of Brown and Bayless teaming up on television already makes my head hurt. Even if it’s just hypothetical.

Despite that, sports fans couldn’t help but find Antonio Brown’s tweet hilarious, jarring, and downright insane.

Probably a smart move by Brown. But the quote tweets are hilarious.

We can only hope.

This guy might just like watching the world burn.

If Antonio Brown teamed up with Skip Bayless it would probably result in absolute chaos.

Some people are willing to pay to watch that monstrosity.

It’s really hard to imagine any network actually signing Antonio Brown. Especially with Skip Bayless working as the co-host.

Hopefully, Brown’s joke/idea doesn’t gain any momentum, but you never know.

With that said, Fox Sports is bound to find a replacement for Shannon Sharpe. There is also the possibility Bayless calls it a career considering he’s over 70 years old.

Keep an eye out for any updates regarding Undisputed, as the network will take its time assessing the situation.