Antonio Cromartie Riles Up Football Coaches By Teaching His Atypical Method On How To Play DB

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  • Antonio Cromartie played 11 years in the NFL— he knows how to play cornerback.
  • However, he thinks that players should be taught differently and ruffled a lot of feathers by sharing his atypical coaching technique.
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If there is anyone who knows how to play cornerback, it is Antonio Cromartie. Now he is teaching the future at his former position and his Twitter rant over the weekend has ruffled a lot of feathers within the coaching community.

During his 11 years in the NFL, Cromartie was a four-time Pro-Bowler and a First-team All-Pro. He led the league in interceptions in 2007 and recorded 416 total tackles with 116 pass deflections, 31 interceptions, and even scored six touchdowns.

Today, Cromartie serves as a graduate assistant with Texas A&M. Obviously, he works with the cornerbacks.

Over the course of the Memorial Day weekend, Cromartie took some of his teachings to Twitter. There were quite a few coaches who did not agree and pushed back at the NFL veteran, but… well… the guy who spent more than a decade in the league probably knows what he is talking about.

Cromartie explained that cornerbacks should not be spending as much time focusing on keeping outside leverage on receivers.

Even when people tried to push back (for some reason), Cromartie explained why they were wrong.

He continued further to double down on his inside focus, explaining that cornerbacks must trust their technique and keep their eyes disciplined.

Cromartie then went on to say that he knows this because he not only played in the NFL, but because he learned from some greats along the way. Anyone who coaches players to keep their butts to the sideline are wrong, he said.

After Cromartie received a lot of pushback overnight, he returned to Twitter to let people know that he doesn’t care what they think, because he is right. He is focused on developing kids to play on the next level.


Cromartie then continued to provide some more detail into what he is teaching.

To close things out, Cromartie finished his Twitter session by saying that he may not have all of the answers. However, he knows a thing or two about the position and applies what brought him success to how he coaches.

Now, who would you trust: an 11-year NFL cornerback with one of the most recognizable names at the position? Or a random coach who maybe played high school ball?