Antonio Cromartie And Kellen Winslow Jr. Are In A Twitter Fight And Shit’s Getting Ugly

by 5 years ago

Antonio Cromartie and Kellen Winslow Jr. were teammates with the New York Jets once upon a time but it appears they aren’t exactly on the best of terms anymore.

How do I know this?

Twitter, of course.

Winslow didn’t particularly care for Cromartie’s bashing of Richard Sherman last week and let him know about it.

Cromartie noticed and, with the help of his memory, delivered a solid zinger back.

You’ll recall this bit of messiness Winslow got himself into in a Target parking lot back in 2014.

Winslow, forgetting the easiest and most logical retort ever, then decided to up the ante by getting physical.


// you have it. Two of our nation’s best and brightest minds going mano a mano 140 characters at a time.

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