Resurfaced Viral Video From 2016 Revealed Where Arch Manning Would Be Committing All Along

Getty Image / iStockphoto

  • After a long few years of constant scrutiny, Arch Manning has made his college decision.
  • The commitment came on Thursday and it raises a few questions.
  • However, an old video from 2016 makes it very clear that he picked the school we should have expected all along.

Arch Manning has made his decision. The first grandson of football is headed to play at Texas.

After months (and months, and months) of the most highly-scrutinized recruitment in recent history, if not ever, the No. 1 overall prospect in the Class of 2023 made his decision official on Thursday. However, as it would turn out, Manning playing for the Longhorns was imminent all along.

A video from 2016 has resurfaced on the internet and it is going to be played on every Texas broadcast for the next three/four/five years.

In the video, Arch and someone who appears to be his younger brother Heid are standing in the kitchen of the Manning house. They are both wearing college T-Shirts, which Heid hilariously jokes will have the ladies all over him while making an even funnier seductive gesture.

Heid is wearing a ‘Scotts Football’ shirt. Presumably from Maryville College.

Arch is wearing a Texas shirt. As in, the Longhorns. As in, the school he committed to on Thursday.

After Heid makes his hilarious quip, a 12ish-year-old Arch doesn’t have much to say. But what he says should have made it clear where he would end up playing his college football.

“I want to go to Texas”

That’s it. That’s all he says in the 13-second clip.

Arch made it clear where he would be playing his college football six years ago and nobody chose to listen. It’s not even that the writing was on the wall— he flat out said it!

Now that he is headed to Texas, it will be interesting to see what that means in terms of playing time. Arch’s commitment raises some questions about Quinn Ewers and his uncle Eli may have hinted at when he will see the field.