Diamondbacks Pitcher Archie Bradley’s Face Isn’t So Symmetrical After Getting Blasted With A Liner



Arizona Diamondbacks rookie Archie Bradley has been solid in his rookie campaign, picking up two quick wins and carrying a 1.80 ERA. But he got a rather rude welcome to the big leagues last night when he took a line drive to the face.

The footage, as always, is unpleasant. So is the sound.

“I tried to throw a curveball in there for a strike,” Bradley said. “I saw the pitch going toward the plate and then I woke up, and I was laying down, and I was like, ‘Oh, crap, what just happened?’ I got myself together, opened my eyes, and I could see, wiggle my feet, and then the next thing I know the trainer was there, and they walked me through it from there.”

The good news is that the young righthander appears to have escaped major injury.

He was also feeling good enough to tweet out a magnificent selfie showcasing his extremely swollen face.


I’m no doctor but I’d say he’s going to need a little ice on that.

[H/T: @archiebradley7]

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