Argentinian Company Accuses LaVar Ball Of Stealing Big Baller Brand Name

Last month, LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand was accused of stealing the logo on Lonzo Ball’s ZO2 signature shoe by an Ohio State coach.

Now, an Argentinian basketball apparel company called “Baller Brand”, which was founded in 2006, took to Instagram and called out the Ball family for stealing their brand name. ‘

Attention‼️👮🏽👮🏻 @Lavar @Zo @Melo @Gelo @bigballerbrand are a thief‼️
He stole our brand name a few years ago and added “Big” to his brand name.
We are an Argentinian🇦🇷 Brand stablished in 2006, this guy who wasn’t creative enough to create his own brand name just took ours.😡
Share it to show the world who is the original @ballerbrand 🗣
In Ball We Trust.

While it seems like Baller Brand has been around for awhile there’s no way to tell if LaVar has ever been aware of their company. It also seems it will be hard for Baller Brand to go after BBB in court unless they trademarked the name.

h/t UPROXX Sports