Argument About Alabama Or Texas A&M Being The Better Team Leads To Deadly Shooting

argument alabama texas a&m shooting

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  • Two men got into an argument during the final minutes of Saturday’s Alabama vs. Texas A&M game and one of those men is now dead.
  • The shooting took place before Texas A&M won the game.
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College football fans argue about their favorite teams, it’s honestly one of the many reasons that college football is the best sport in the world. A line has to be drawn when it comes to arguing, though, and shooting and killing someone is most certainly beyond that line.

One man in Bessemer, AL didn’t think so, however.

According to, an argument over the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game led to a deadly shooting on Saturday night. It sounds like it was a totally normal circumstance, too, just one that ended horribly wrong. Lt. Christian Clemons said that the argument centered around which team was better, that’s it.

The homeowner asked both men to leave, and when they did, one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other. The victim was pronounced dead at 3:23 AM on Sunday.

“It’s another case,’’ Clemons said, “of resorting to violence to handle differences.”

Most would imagine that the shooting happened after Texas A&M officially pulled off the upset with a last-second field goal, but according to the report, the shooting happened prior to the Aggies winning the game.

It’s not clear if the victim was an A&M fan and the shooter was an Alabama supporter, but I think it’s safe to say that most would assume that the shooter was a Crimson Tide fan that clearly had heard enough.

Alabama fans aren’t used to losing, and the loss in College Station on Saturday shocked the college football world, but let’s maybe not shoot each other about any sporting event, ever.