High School Football Game Delayed After Horse Mascot Pees On The Field (Video)

horse on football field

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There are a number of sports teams that boast a real, actual animal as a mascot, but going that route can have its downsides—as evidenced by what unfolded at a high school game in Arizona that was recently delayed thanks to a horse that decided to relieve itself at a pretty inconvenient moment.

It’s widely believed Yale University was the first school to adopt any kind of mascot when a bulldog named Handsome Dan started attending football games all the way back in 1892, and while PETA might not be a fan of the other learning institutions that have followed their lead, live animals can still be spotted at games around the country.

Unfortunately, there have been more than a few instances where those mascots have caused a bit of a scene—especially when there are horses involved.

That includes the time the University of Oklahoma’s “Sooner Schooner” tipped over while making its way across the gridiron as well as the game where Peruna (the name given to the horse that serves as SMU’s mascot) pooped all over the field.

There’s obviously not much you can do to prevent a horse from doing its business when nature calls, and people who attended a recent high school football showdown between ALA Queen Creek and Saguaro in Arizona learned that the hard way thanks to the brief delay they were subjected to ahead of kickoff.

Prior to the game, Patriot (the horse mascot representing Queen Creek) trotted out to midfield for the national anthem and apparently decided there was no better time to empty its bladder.

Thankfully, the maintenance crew (and by that I mean “a young kid with a plastic shovel”) quickly headed out onto the field to clean up a mess that required a couple of trips to truly address, and the game eventually got underway before Saguaro walked away with the 39-35 victory.

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