Two Arizona High School Teammates Make Holes-In-One On Same Hole In Opening Match Of The Season

arizona high school teammates hole in one same hole


There are few things in sports that are more random than a hole-in-one. You could be sitting here reading this as a scratch golfer not having an ace under your belt or you could be someone that plays golf three times a year and has made multiple holes-in-one.

Making a hole-in-one requires a lot of luck and fortunately for two high school teammates, luck struck twice earlier this week.

During Phoenix Desert Vista High School’s (AZ) first golf match of the season on Tuesday, both Ross Koscis and Cody Besetti were able to defy all odds and both ace the Par 3 ninth hole at Arizona Country Club, the final hole of the match.

Koscis, a sophomore, was the first to jar it on the 156-yard hole before Besetti, a junior, followed him up in the very next group. Both players even used the same club, an 8-iron.

It’s never easy following up the group where someone just made a hole-in-one, but Besetti delivered, to say the least.

“It was insane,” Besetti told Golfweek. “When I got to the ninth hole, I asked my coach if Ross actually got an ace or if it was a typo. I couldn’t believe it. So I got up to the hole and my coach said, ‘Show me what you can do.’

“Once I hit the ball and saw where it as going, I thought to myself, ‘Holy crap, this might have a chance.’ Once it slowly rolled into the side of the hole, I started freaking out and my coach just stood there in disbelief that he just saw two holes-in-one in a row after never seeing one before. I don’t even know how I reacted since I was so caught up in the moment. I felt like I was on top of the world.”

I have no idea why I’m about to share this incredibly embarrassing story from my own high school golf days, but here goes.

As a sophomore, standing on the tee box of a Par 3 playing about 165 yards with water guarding the front of the green, my gameplan was to actually lay up on this short Par 3 that had given me trouble in the past. Well, my playing partner decides to make a hole-in-one, so I’d look like a real loser if I laid up, but I stuck to my guns. I laid up and got up and down for par.

I ended up shooting even in the 9-hole match and tying for medalist, so maybe playing golf like a real asshole is the key sometimes.