Arizona State’s Copper Uniforms are Gorgeous


Perhaps no other university captures the spirit of YOLO better than Arizona State. So it’s really no surprise they’ve trotted out ballsy new alternate uniforms celebrating cooper.

That’s right! Copper!

What’s the significance of copper?

Arizona State University, which became the first school in Arizona in 2012 to use its team uniforms to honor the state’s long history as a top copper-producing state, is also the first college football program in the state to incorporate copper into all aspects of the uniform.

The baseball team debuted black and copper uniforms in 2012 in conjunction with Arizona’s Centennial Celebration, and it has been Sun Devil Athletics’ intention to have a football uniform featuring copper as an accent color since it was introduced as part of the university-wide rebrand in 2011.

It’s about damn time an institution stood up for this under-appreciated element its due. It’s languished for 20 years waiting for another moment in the sun.


More importantly, these duds are quite appealing to the eye.

I would suggest, however, not wearing them against Oregon State. That situation would get pretty confusing for all involved.


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