This Arizona Wildcats’ Parody Of The Movie ‘Major League’ Is Fantastic

Last season, the Arizona Wildcats came two runs away from winning what would have been their fifth College World Series championship. So they’re a legitimate NCAA powerhouse, they have uniforms and everything, it’s great. The college baseball season is right around the corner so it’s time to see what talent these new Wildcats have, so why not do so with a tremendous spoof of the 1989 cult classic “Major League.”

The players show up to camp by pretending to be their favorite characters from the baseball flick including Willie Mays Hayes, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, and Roger Dorn. Even Arizona coach Jay Johnson busted out his best gritty Lou Brown impression.

The impressive parody was shot at UA’s Hi Corbett in Tucson, which is the same stadium the Cleveland Indians used to play during Spring Training.

The Wildcats are my kinda team, Charlie, my kinda team.