Arkansas Passes Law That Will Allow Fans To Carry Guns At Football And Basketball Games In 2018

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On Wednesday Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson made headlines after he signed a law that will allow Arkansas citizens to carry a gun inside publicly-funded buildings within the state, including the football stadiums and basketball arenas.

The law will allow only those with a concealed handgun license who have received up to eight hours of active-shooter training to bring the weapons into publicly-funded buildings.

The law goes into effect Sept. 1, 2017, but guns won’t be allowed into the stadium until 2018 but people are already freaking out about the idea of having drunk fans walking into stadiums packing heat.

It appears that lawmakers are already looking for ways from exempting sporting events from the law.

Via ArkansasOnline

Arkansas lawmakers will consider exempting college sporting events from a new state law that greatly expands where concealed handguns are allowed.

The Arkansas Senate was expected to take up a proposal Thursday to add the exemption to a new state law allowing concealed handguns at colleges, government buildings, some bars and even the state Capitol. The measure signed into law by Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday allows people to carry in the locations if they complete eight hours of active-shooter training.

This is pretty nuts and I would be afraid for my life if I were a ref working those games.

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