Arnold Palmer to Have Dinner with Kate Upton, Because Arnold Palmer’s Still Got It

And, most importantly, that picture up there.

Yep, Arnie has swooped in on Jake Davidson's turf—he's been hanging out with Ms. Kate Upton. UP TOP, GRAMPS. From USA Today:

“Did you see this?” Palmer said, holding up the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with Upton on the cover. “She's coming here. Did you know that?”

He put it back on his desk, gave it one last look, and then grabbed a stack of papers to place over the magazine.

“I better cover this up,” he said.

He grinned. The man is simply timeless.


How their dinner—which I really hope went down at a Country Kitchen at 4 p.m.—came about is a somewhat interesting story. Arnie used to play golf regularly with the father of IMG Talent's Lisa Benson. Upton's dad knew about the connection, called Arnie when Kate was trying to get representation, and he put the two in touch. Kate nailed the “interview,” and Lisa Benson became her manager.

So, basically, Arnold Palmer is responsible for the gift of Upton.

The man can do no wrong. Palmer is a national treasure.