Arnold Schwarzenegger Challenged His New BFF J.J. Watt To Do 50 Squats In Tight Jeans After Dinner Date

Did you know that there is a budding bromance between Arnold Schwarzenegger and J.J. Watt? They’re totes BFF’s because not only does the Houston Texans star go see Arnold’s 87th version of Terminator.

But they party together along with Tom Arnold(?) where Watt does bad impressions of the huge movie star (No not Tom Arnold, Schwarzenegger).

They even hit the gym together. Schwarzenegger challenged J.J. to do 50 squats, but upped the ante by making him do it in skinny jeans after a dinner date. When Arnold tells you to do something how can you not?

I challenged @justinjames99 to do 50 squat reps. He did 51. After dinner. Watch out, quarterbacks. Great to hang out, buddy. Keep doing big things on and off the field. #terminatormode

Somehow Watt not only did 51 squats, but his miraculously did not split his jeans. That’s saying something for the manufacturers of those pantaloons.

And it’s not like Arnie can’t get in there and bust out a few sets. This dude is going to be 68-years-old next week and he’s still kicking ass in the gym.