Arsenal’s ‘Leaked’ Away Kit Looks Like A Blood-Spattered White T-Shirt

arsenal away kit 2021 leaked adidas

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For anyone that doesn’t follow the Premier League or soccer all that closely, jerseys (or kits) are a massive part of a team’s identity and culture. While the badge on the jerseys very rarely changes, the design and even color of some teams’ jerseys change each and every season. It’s a genius business plan as diehard fans are basically forced to buy new jerseys each season to keep up with the times.

With this being the case, new jersey designs get leaked throughout the entire season and on Thursday Arsenal’s 2020-21 away kit was ‘leaked’ and, well, let’s just say it’s extremely unique. Footy Headlines shared the image of the white Adidas kit.

There is no way around it, the first thing you think of when you look at the kit is a blood-spattered white shirt. While it’s pretty easy to criticize the look, it’s actually pretty awesome and there’s no denying that it’s different. As an Arsenal supporter myself, I think it’s a cool look and could be great with either red, black, or even white shorts, though black may look the meanest.

Folks on Twitter were quick to nickname the kit ‘The American Psycho‘ as it resembles Patrick Bateman’s blood-covered coat in the classic thriller.

Arsenal keeps things rather traditional when it comes to its home red kit, but has gotten experimental over the past couple of seasons with both their away and third kits. This season they brought back the bruised banana look they sported in the early 90’s and had a unique mint green third kit two seasons ago during their final year with Puma.

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