Knicks Fans Call Blasphemy On Atlanta Hawks’ Cruel Troll Job After Near Sweep

Elsa/Getty Images

There’s a brilliant stand-up bit where the comedian (who’s name is escaping me) jokes that the worst thing you can do to Star Wars nerds is confuse their passion, using the example of driving by them and yelling out the window: “Star Trek sucks!”

Hate never stings as much as indifference because hate requires energy a knowledge of one’s point of view, whereas blind apathy is far more trivializing, especially regarding something you’d die for.

Following another soul-draining, heart-breaking, spirit-crushing Knicks underachievement campaign, the Atlanta Hawks Star Trekked on Knicks fans’ Star Wars—trolling them with the implication that they’ve Drake’d their way into Nets fans, a team Knicks fans pride themselves on treating like New York’s Ringo Starr.

So what if Manhattaners can hop on the Q train for 15 minutes and witness a team with three of the league’s biggest superstars that has achieved the unthinkable in winning a playoff series. A team that doesn’t have an owner who cares less about fielding a team the city deserves than his country blues band’s next gig at Cracker Barrel.

Misery is a drug, and it’s going to take more than a superteam, cool urban uniforms, and a Jay-Z minority ownership to break the addiction.

Knicks fans cannot be more clear about this. Here are some of the tweets written in response, and through tears.

It’s only a matter of time. We all have a breaking point.

Now we can watch the Sixers steamroll the Hawks and all this hoopla will be erroneous in two weeks. Ah, the internet.