Atlanta Strip Club Is Hosting Farewell Party For Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

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  • QB Matt Ryan was traded by the Atlanta Falcons to the Indianapolis Colts this week. .
  • An Atlanta strip club is paying their respects to Ryan by hosting a farewell party for him.
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Matt Ryan is no longer a member of the Falcons organization, but he’s getting plenty of love from the city of Atlanta.

Ryan was traded to the Indianapolis Colts earlier this week after playing 13 years in Atlanta.

“I am really appreciative of my time there. It’s sad to see it end, but I am so excited to see what can happen here.”

Ryan, who has made Atlanta his home for over a decade, is so beloved by fans in the city that one local strip club is holding a farewell party for him this week.

Of course, fans had jokes about the Matt Ryan strip club party.