Auburn Hoops Coach Bruce Pearl Tells His Team Not To Fart In The Dead Sea After Learning Hard Lesson

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Auburn basketball is headed east to get a jumpstart on the 2022/23 season. Way, way east.

Over the past decade or so, top college basketball programs have hopped on the trend of traveling overseas to get in live, preseason games against top international college, professional and semi-pro teams. This year, the Tigers are headed to Israel.

The Birthright for College Basketball Tour will feature games against the Israel U-20 National Team on August 2nd, the Israel All-Star Select Team on August 7th and the Israel National Team on August 8th. All three games will top off at 12:00pm CST and they will be televised on SEC Network.

Auburn’s games in Israel will be played by FIBA professional rules. There will be four 10-minute quarters, a 24-second shot clock and a few other minor changes to the NCAA rules.

The NCAA allows programs to take an international trip every four years and the Tigers last went to Italy in the summer of 2017. They will be the second school to play a foreign tour in Israel and head coach Bruce Pearl has some sound advice.

However, it has nothing to do with the basketball that is set to be played.

Bruce Pearl is advising his Auburn basketball players not to fart while visiting the Dead Sea. He knows not to do so from experience.

The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the East and Israel and the West Bank to the West. It is one of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth, with nearly 10 times the amount of salt than ordinary seawater.

In turn, it makes swimming in the Dead Sea nearly impossible. Instead, its salinity allows bathers/swimmers to float with utmost ease.

In addition, because it is so salty, farting while in the water is a terrible idea. Physics kicks in and a natural suction system injects the high-salinity back up from where the fart came.

As it is, orifices tend to begin burning if they are in the extremely salty water long enough. Farting only expedites and intensifies that process/feeling. Pearl said that he has farted in the Dead Sea before because he didn’t believe it and now he is telling his players not to do so, so it must be true.

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