Augusta National Buys Nearby Shopping Center For $26 Million As Efforts To Take Over Entire Town Continue

augusta national buys shopping center

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Augusta National has bought nearby property. That’s a headline you’ve likely seen a lot over the years as it seems like every six months or so news comes out that the club has bought yet another piece of property nearby and the most recent purchase is a 169,000 square-foot shopping center.

According to Golf Week, Augusta National has acquired the National Hills shopping center for $26 million, which happens to be the club’s most expensive real estate purchase ever.

The 169,000-square-foot National Hills retail center is anchored by The Fresh Market and the Electrolux customer service center. It was acquired from an affiliate of Canadian real estate firm Slate Asset Management LP, which purchased the property in 2017 for $24.7 million.

This purchase was preceded by the club buying a nearby Wendy’s for $3.4 million, which became public knowledge in March, as well as the purchase of six other homes in the area. The club has spent over $200 million over the last 20 years as it expands its boundaries, according to Augusta Chronicle.

While Augusta National is the finest plot of land in the United States, in my opinion, it’s still a golf course surrounded by strip malls, fast-food restaurants, and grocery stores. Anyone that has kept up with the Masters and Augusta National over the years, these recent purchases shouldn’t come as a surprise as it has purchased a Publix, a Hooters, a church and a large number of homes over the years that now serve as a field where patrons can park for free.

The club doesn’t comment on purchases as a matter of longstanding policy, instead, it simply buys everything up and keeps things as quiet as possible. Before we know it, Augusta National will own all of both Berckmans and Washington Road bordering the golf course.


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