Check Out This Aussie Who Got Arrested For Driving A Motorized Beer Cooler

Motorized Beer Cooler

For some reason I pegged Australia as a country of zero-fucks given, probably because every single animal and insect in that country has evolved to wreck shit. This would explain the presence of motorized beer coolers, or “eskies” as they call them over there. It’s genius, really. When you’re out having a nice day-drink surrounded by poisonous everythings, you’re going to want a way to escape whatever’s trying to maim you, but still keep your buzz going.

This would explain why a 22-year-old man was arrested while drunk off his ass and driving a cooler on wheels. Oh, and the cooler was full of booze. To you and me this sounds like a good time, but according to police,

This motor vehicle would only be able to travel at very low speeds, the lighting devices on said vehicle would be negligible and make it very difficult for other motorists to see,

The way I’m interpreting this is that his only mistake was not having headlights, so the next time anyone wants to take their cooler out on the turnpike make sure to tape a flashlight to your head. Problem solved.

Oh, and apparently racing these things is a hobby in Australia:

Via Telegraph