Man Live Streams PPV Boxing Match On Facebook, Then His Cable Provider Calls To Ask Him To Stop, He Trolls Hard

This Aussie bloke is a legend. At first, I questioned his credibility, wondering what kind of jabroni spends money on a pay-per-view to watch the world’s pudgiest white boy get beat up in the boxing ring. After I listened to him talking for a minute and got a handle on what was happening I realized that this dude was doing tens of thousands of people a great service.

If you’re wondering what the situation here is let me break it down for you: this dude paid money for the pay-per-view boxing match. He then took his smartphone and started streaming the fight on Facebook Live. According to reports, there were up to 110,000 watching his live-stream at one point which I’m fairly certain is like 50% of the entire Australian population.

There were so many people watching this bloke’s stream that his cable company actually took notice of what was happening, tracked down his customer information, and had a representative call him to try and persuade him to stop. Instead of hanging up on the guy, outright telling him now, or telling him to fuck off, the guy kept the cable company on the phone for a while and trolled them.

The cable company could’ve shut down his stream at any given time if they wanted to, if they truly believed that he was in violation of their Terms of Service. But, they instead had some poor customer service agent stalk this guy’s info and plead with him to stop streaming. Everything about this is perfect.

(h/t r/videos)