Backup Australian Goalkeeper Becomes Immediate Hero For Dancing Before PKs, Making Save To Send Aussies To World Cup

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  • Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne is going viral for his game winning save to send his country to the World Cup
  • The keeper entered the game in the 120th minute
  • Redmayne was seen dancing before penalty kicks before making the save

Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne has become a social media sensation after making the game winning save to send his country to the World Cup.

In Australia’s win over Peru, the two teams ended regulation with the score knotted at 0-0. While the scoring was kept to a minimum over the first 120 minutes, the foes would soon get into a shootout on penalty kicks.

That’s also when the backup, Redmayne, was subbed in to take over in the net. He’d make two fantastic stops to help his team land the win.

In the process of making those saves, Redmayne was seen using some interesting tactics to throw off his opponent. In between penalty shots, the keeper flashed his dance moves, jumping and flailing in between the posts.

It was just Redmayne’s third appearance for Australia, and again, he didn’t enter this matchup until the 120th minute.

Now, he’s gone from an unknown to a hero in a matter of minutes. Pretty unbelievable.

The fantastic performance had everyone on social media talking.

Fans react to Australian goalkeeper’s amazing performance

The save, along with the constant dancing in the goal caused quite the response from the soccer world. Many noted Redmayne’s moves in between penalty kicks.

Others reacted to the monumental save that sends Australia to another World Cup.

Redmayne commented on the win after the game. It’s safe to say he’s excited for the opportunity to further represent his country.

An absolutely awesome moment from the unlikeliest of heroes.