Watch This Backyard Wrestler Flip His Opponent Off Roof And Thru Four Tables For Zero Pay

It’s because of guys like CM Punk and Seth Rollins that backyard wrestling is still a thing.

Those guys both have links to backyard brawling and logged countless hours beating the hell out of others, and themselves really, surrounded by ten fans and hundreds of interested oak trees and both have made huge names for themselves in the WWE. If they can make it, why can’t the rest. (Hint — because most suck).

Backyard wrestling is still popular in places with people passionate about wrestling and tons of acres of land. It’s still dangerous as hell. Not that that’ll ever stop these lunatics. There are more than a few places to train to be an actual wrestler but, screw it, let’s kill each other while dudes crack Sweet Home Alabama out of a doors-all-open F150.

Here’s an insane clip from a recent show in fuck knows where USA. The combatants climb to the roof of what I hope is a temporary infirmary with trained personnel and the aggressor puts his opponent through four tables with a move known as “John won’t make it to his Home Depot shift tomorrow” or a Canadian Destroyer for short.

I think my favorite part was when the guy going through the tables looked down to make sure either the tables where in place or to remind himself Home Depot doesn’t provide health care to part time employees.

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