Baker Mayfield Breaks Down Video Of Being Tackled By A Cop, Crushes Colin Cowherd’s Hot Takes

Baker Mayfield Breaks Down Cop Video

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Cleveland Browns number one overall pick Baker Mayfield made up with his nemesis Fox Sports 1 radio host Colin Cowherd during an appearance on his show on Thursday.

Just kidding, Mayfield and Cowherd went at it hard with the former Oklahoma Sooners walk-on scoring his first W since becoming a professional football player.

As you may recall, Mayfield and Cowherd have not been fans of one another since before the NFL Draft when, among other things, Cowherd called Mayfield “pudgy.”

So it was a bit surprising to see Mayfield on Cowherd’s show today. And even more surprising was Mayfield breaking down video of himself running from the cops and being tackled by one during his infamous 2017 arrest.

Mayfield called the arrest a “rude awakening to responsibility and accountability” and said he had “so much regret.”

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What wasn’t surprising, however, was Mayfield and Cowherd getting into it over whether or not Baker is a team player, and Mayfield taking a blowtorch to Cowherd’s hot takes.

A few more highlights…

Baker Mayfield 1, Colin Cowherd 0.