Baker Mayfield Takes A Shot At FS1’s Colin Cowherd By Wearing His Hat Backwards During Press Conference

Baker Mayfield is still beefing with FS1 host Colin Cowherd after all these years.

On Friday, Cowherd went on a dumb rant on how he felt the Browns were going to lose because Mayfield wore his hat backwards during a press conference.

“I know, it’s no big deal, says the guy who wears the hat backwards. Look at that. That just says playoff loss, doesn’t it? Doesn’t that just say down 12, sack, fumble, minute-and-a-half to play. It doesn’t say playoff winner to me. It says things are unraveling in Pittsburgh this weekend.

“Go ahead. Downplay it. No big deal. All right, yeah. Go find [Patrick] Mahomes, forward. Forward hat guy, in fact headband. Not opposed to headband. Not opposed to beanie. Not opposed to hat.

“The last quarterback to wear a hat backwards at the weekly podium—one did it this year—Carson Wentz. Look at that. What happened to his season? You guys say it doesn’t matter. All right. It is hat on backwards karma. It is bad. [That’s] another reason I like the Steelers this weekend.”

The Browns went on to beat the Steelers on Sunday and Mayfield immediately trolled Cowherd by making sure to wear his hat backwards during his postgame press conference.