Baker Mayfield Taunts Kansas By Grabbing His Crotch And Yelling Expletives At Them

It’s been a pretty fucking crazy day for Oklahoma Sooners QB Baker Mayfield. As we reported before, several Jayhawks captains refused to shake Mayfield’s hand during the coin toss before the start of the game.

Via Jenni Carlson

So, Mayfield and a Kansas player went helmet to helmet after the coin toss. A ref had to run in from the sideline to separate them. And no, I’m not kidding about this.

Mayfield got pissed off at Jayhawks players and his been talking mad shit to them during the entire game.

Later in the third quarter of the game, one Kansas player apparently had enough of Mayfield’s shit and delivered this dirty hit.

Mayfield didn’t back down and went on to grab his crotch to taunt the Jayhawks players after the Sooners took a 27-3.

The announcers were unhappy with Mayfield’s action and started ripping the Sooners QB by calling him the next Manziel.

It’s stuff like that when people see that they can’t help but make the bad Johnny Manziel comparison.

I love Baker Mayfield’s moxy, his teammates love him and respond to him but in a few months he’s going to put in charge and will be the face of a multimillion organization. You have to handle yourself with class and understand all eyes are on you 100 percent of the time and look I appreciate that he has a chip on his shoulder but he crosses the line far too often and needs to reel it back in.

Mayfield might be the most entertaining QB in football right now and I would like more players to be as colorful as he is.